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“Jacqueline Amidy, armed with just a voice and a guitar, performed to packed audiences that were appreciative and enthusiastic. By the end of the four days at the festival she had won many hearts and she was clearly a standout artist for the 2011 festival”.

Glenn Wright Director, Mullumbimby Festival









"Jac Amidy sings better than I do. She probably sings better than you do too.  She writes truly astonishing songs and with her latest album - Cut - she has combined those vocal and songwriting skills into a wonderful work of conceptual coherence. I wanted to release Cut on my Laughing Outlaw label. I only release really, really great records. Jac already had a release arrangement in place. She'll get it right with her next album. This is a superlative work and Jac delivers an intense live performance of these songs, superbly pulling together the overall narrative underlying the album. Jac is an extremely talented artist and Cut is a magnificent piece of work. I know a bit about this stuff you know."


Stuart Coupe

I met Jac Amidy through serendipity and luck. Part of our shared experiences as working players, and musicians. Ephemeral contact and intense but brief moments of comradeship in the showbiz trenches.


I took her CD home with me and was amazed to hear such sophisticated playing and wild ambition in the song writing and recording process. I just took the songs as they were . ….…Beautifully recorded, and performed pieces of sound. Amazing singing, guitar playing, and bass playing. Highly refined yet earthy, and inspired arrangements. She had a high conceptual framework for the recordings and stuck to it. They were all written for, and to, a specific person. And we were allowed to listen. They were also all written in a specific time frame. She noted all this on the CD cover and suggested an alternated "actual"  sequence that the songs could be listened through.


I hear she is planning to construct a show around this experience and its fruiting sounds.


 The songs and the music. I have no doubt her skills and intense will create something totally great".


Dave Graney Performer, writer and rock god


"…an astonishing singing voice."

 Bob Evans, Sydney Morning Herald


…, simply has one of those voices that sends the hairs on your neck bristling, whenever you hear it.
This woman with the beautiful open face, sings
…with an impressive touch and certainly knows how to interpret a song
…we feel that all should hear her great voice."


Newcastle Post (Aust) "

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