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some things about jac

Jacqueline Amidy is a performer, songwriter and musician. She is a vocalist with command of the jazz repertoire, cabaret performance and classical art‐song. And she is a composer, a musical director, a record producer and a maker of electronic music. Jacqueline has an intuitive, deep musicality with which she delivers intense and engaging performances that keep audiences utterly spellbound.....and a teacher.

Several Recording to her name .


Brought up in the Hunter Valley, Jac has made Sydney her home for many years with regular stints in Berlin where she also has a strong following. In her teens, Jacqueline sang and played in solo and occasionally local bands. She became Nastassja Bassey, the lead singer and bass player with the notorious and brilliant performance ensemble “The Castanet Club” for 4 years.


Then Leading and appearing in her own one‐woman shows, funk bands, electronica ensembles etc, Jacqueline’s jazz ensemble features some of Australia’s most innovative musicians including Jackie Orszaczky, Carl Orr, & Hamish Stewart.


Jacqueline has played arts and music festivals throughout Australia. She also worked with the

Newcastle Aboriginal Theatre Company on their production of Bran Nu Dae as actor/musical director and composed for Newcastle's Ngorie Kah Indigenous Women’s performance group.


In cabaret mode , as well as her own shows, Jacqueline works with the remarkable Sandman (Stephen Abbott) and Flacco (Paul Livingston). The Bingo show, in its various forms and titles, has played Sydney Opera House, Cracker Festival, Melbourne Comedy Festival, Perth Playhouse and two sell‐out seasons at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival.


Jac plays concerts and gigs in Europe including Berlin where she is sometimes based.


Jac produced her album, titled CUT, an outstanding set of songs borne from

one intense week of a breakupdown and....

This Album has now been made into a cabaret show with the help of Stephen Abbott and Warren Coleman (Nominated Academy Award Writer “Happy Feet”). Jac has worked backwards to the time when she wrote this show and presents us with what she call a “Blackbox Cabaret” Show. A concept piece. 7 days of writing songs to regain the heart of her beloved.  The truth as it was written … In a crazy confined state, with her computer playing lush sequences, a keyboard and a couple of guitars.  And the show is Talking and playing. Taking a journey through the process and inviting an audience to travel on the ridiculous idea of writing, recording and finishing a body of work in week. AND make it a gob smackingly entertaining night. An engaging show about a week in her life that she hit the emotional skids, but flourished in the absolute joy of her art ..the love song.  All the songs debut each night over 7 days,on facebook, as she wrote them. Instant release.

This is a one woman show, taking the audience through the experience, process and results of her efforts to write the perfect love song.



Jacqueline Amidy’s outstanding musicianship and natural grasp of both the intuitive and technical facets of music have earned her deep respect from her peers and fans. With an exceptional vocal ability and a truly charismatic presence, Jac is a spellbinding performer.

Intensely personal songs are delivered in that startling voice over the solid scaffold of her

distinctive guitar technique. Jac’s unusual tunings and faultless feel for time and arrangements

are a real delight. With her strong theatrical skills, her delivery can be moving, cathartic, and

exhilarating. It can be hilarious, tender, warm and at times shocking and confronting.


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